FARM EASE ACCOUNTING offers ‘Easy to Use’ computer programs designed for ‘Farmers on the Canadian Prairies and Beyond’


1. easy to set up

2. easy to make entries

3. easy to switch from manual books to computer

The FARM EASE ACCOUNTING programs were developed with the busy farmer in mind.

If you would rather spend more time farming and less time doing books, then FARM EASE ACCOUNTING may be just what you have been searching for >>

• Do you have a computer, but you’re still doing your books manually ?

• Are you doing your farm books on a computer program that you find frustrating – one that you have to re-learn every month (or three months) when you write up your books ?

If you can make entries in a manual farm book……

‘FARM EASE’ will be a breeze

• ‘FARM EASE’ offers ‘Farmer Friendly’ Accounting programs that require very little computer knowledge.

• You enter your income and expenses and the program will do the rest……… up to date income and expense statement, complete GST returns and much more!

The FARM EASE programs work fine on both a WINDOWS PC or a MAC.

The FARM EASE programs are available on either a CD or a USB Flashdrive.

And the BEST NEWS OF ALL is……………… We offer you ‘FREE SUPPORT’ with the purchase of any of the FARM EASE programs.


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