Book Ease Accounting Deluxe

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This program is for small home based businesses….

    This program will help you keep track of your business income and expenses, complete your GST Returns and Reconcile your Bank Account.   You make the entries and the program will do the rest.   The BOOK EASE ACCOUNTING – Deluxe program is designed to make doing your books an easy task giving you more time to run your business.

    Set up is very easy and will take approximately 2 minutes.   You’re now ready to begin making your entries.

    The entries that you make are just like entries you would make in a manual book.   To toggle to different pages in your book, you click on labeled tabs at the bottom of the computer screen.   By clicking on one of the labeled tabs, you will be taken to that page in your book, where you may make entries or review entries that have already been made.   There is 1 page on which to make sales entries > you enter your headings for type of sales you have.   There are 5 pages on which to make expense entries > Purchases, Supplies & Wages, House & Vehicle Expenses, General Expenses, Cash Paid Expenses, Loans & Personal Expenses.   There is also a page for entering Capital Assets purchased and sold.   In the BOOK EASE ACCOUNTING – Deluxe program, you may set up 5 headings on the Purchases, Supplies & Wages page that are specific expenses for your business.

    You make your income entries and your expense entries and the program will calculate an Income and Expense Statement – up-to-date with each entry that you make.

    The program will complete your GST returns for you – Quarterly or Annually, including all of your personal adjustments.   The GST returns in BOOK EASE look just like the GST returns you file with CRA.

    Purchasing a vehicle that is used partly for business and partly for personal sometimes creates a challenge when calculating what GST you are allowed to deduct each year.   BOOK EASE ACCOUNTING does that calculation for you.   You enter the purchase price and GST amount – the program will do the rest.

    There is an easy to follow, step-by-step BOOK EASE DELUXE ‘MANUAL’ included with the program.

    Credit Cards > The expense pages have columns to enter charges to credit cards and payments on your credit cards.

    Bank Reconciliation > The BOOK EASE ACCOUNTING – Deluxe program will do a bank reconciliation from the entries you make in the program.   There are detailed instructions on how to complete the bank reconciliation with bank entries that may not be entered in your books.


    The FARM EASE programs (including Book Ease DELUXE) will work fine on either a WINDOWS PC or a MAC.

The Book Ease Accounting DELUXE program works on EXCEL Spreadsheet.

    This means you will need to have EXCEL Spreadsheet installed on your computer (Windows PC or a MAC) before installing a FARM EASE program. EXCEL Spreadsheet can be purchased at stores such as Staples, Office Depot or Best Buy. You may also find the program online.

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    When you are ready to experience how easy doing your books on BOOK EASE ACCOUNTING ‘DELUXE’ can be, just click on the ORDER FORM link.

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