Farm Ease Accounting ‘NEXT GENERATION’

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PRICE: $ 295.00 CDN

The FARM EASE ACCOUNTING ‘NEXT GENERATION’ Program will be showcased at AGRITRADE in Red Deer, Nov. 8 to 11, 2017
and at Canadian Western AGRIBITION in Regina, Nov. 20 to 25, 2017

This accounting program has the same easy entry format at the FLEX program, but is better suited for Corporations & larger Individual Farming Operations.

‘NEXT GENERATION’ Program – vs – the ‘FLEX’ Program…….

Bank Account(s) Balancing:
FLEX Program – 1 Bank Account
NEXT GENERATION Program – up to 4 Farm Bank Accounts

Credit Cards & Charge Accounts Balancing:
FLEX Program – 1 Credit Card (All cards lumped together)
NEXT GENERATION Program – up to 8 Credit Cards/Charge Accounts

FLEX Program – 8 Loans
NEXT GENERATION Program – up to 20 Loans PLUS Line of Credit Loan

Income Statement:
FLEX Program – Year to Date Totals only
NEXT GENERATION Program – Year to Date Totals PLUS 4 Quarterly Breakdowns

Other Advantages of the NEXT GENERATION Program:
– Same easy entries as the FLEX Program
– More on screen instructions
– INFO Page – Option to enter Business Share of CELL Phone & Hotels
– More lines added on the Grain Sales Page in each Quarter
– More columns added on the Livestock Sales, Other Income & Crop Expense Pages
– Cash Advances added for Livestock
– For Corporations – option to include up to 10 Shareholders
– Line of Credit Loan PLUS Lease Payments included on Loans Page
– Capital Purchases & Sales – choice of entering method of payment
– Capital Cost Allowance Schedule – included on Capital Purchases & Sales Page for those who do their own income tax
– Client Notes Page added – here you can make notes during the year about entries you have made & want to discuss with your accountant at year end +/or use this page to list your year-end information to convert your books to the accrual basis.
– Color Coding Quarters: the date is no longer color coded. The color coding for each quarter has the color bordering the quarter


    The FARM EASE programs will work fine on either a WINDOWS PC or a MAC.

The FARM EASE Programs all work on EXCEL Spreadsheet.

    This means you will need to have EXCEL Spreadsheet installed on your computer (Windows PC or a MAC) before installing a FARM EASE program. 

order form

    When you are ready to experience how easy doing your books on FARM EASE ACCOUNTING ‘NEXT GENERATION’ can be, just click on the ORDER FORM link.


    If you would like to receive a DEMO of this program, please send your request by email. NOTE: You will need to have EXCEL Spreadsheet installed on your computer to view the DEMO.



    If you are using the previous version, Farm Ease Accounting FLEX program and would like to purchase an upgrade to the NEXT GENERATION Program, please email
    Please include your phone number in the email so we may contact you.
    Cost to Upgrade to the NEXT GENERATION Program…..$75.00

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