GST Audit was a Breeze –

I have been using the FARM EASE Accounting Program for 2 years and I really like it.

I was audited for GST in 2012. With FARM EASE the audit was a breeze and I received a full GST refund.

My accountant and banker were both impressed with the program for being simple with all the information they need.

Matt from Alberta

Great Farm Accounting Program –
• It’s easy to set up on your computer
• GST is done once you have made your entries
• Monthly or Quarterly Statements readily available
• Paper print outs and back up disks made very easily
I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Wayne,  a Saskatchewan Farmer


For some years now, actually since we purchased our first PC, I have been looking for farm accounting software that closely emulates the manual spreadsheet that we have used for years.

I have either looked at or tried the various products that have been available in the past and have found them to be extremely detailed and cumbersome, not to mention expensive. Most of these almost require an accountant to set them up and much time entering data.

What I was looking for, was a package that would track expenses and income as well as fixed asset acquisitiions and disposals. My last requirement was that it should calculate my quarterly G.S.T. return.

Much to my joy, I found exactly what I wanted in your FARM EASE ACCOUNTING software. I started using the package on the 1st of May, 2004 and within one and three quarter hours had the software set up in the computer and the first four months of the year entered.

Thank you for providing something so very useful and Good Luck with this venture. You should sell lots of them.

John, a Saskatchewan Farmer


Thank you for a very simple & easy to use program, it is the third one
for me but the first I have been able to figure out.   After you pass 70 with very
little education we are not so quick to learn.
You will probably be hearing from a couple of my neighbours.
Thanks again for making it so easy.

George from Alberta



I find the FARM EASE program very easy to use, even for someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience on the computer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !

Darryl & Brenda  from Saskatchewan


I recently bought a Bed & Breakfast business and I wasn’t sure what computer program would best suit my needs. I wanted something that was simple to use as I hadn’t had much experience in doing books.   Someone recommended the BOOK EASE ACCOUNTING program to me.

I installed the program on my computer and had the set up done within 10 minutes.   I’ve been entering my income and expenses and now I wonder why I thought it would be so difficult.   The Income & Expense Statement helps me to see what my financial situation is and I am actually looking forward to filing my first GST Return.

Lois, B & B

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